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UpRight Footwear, LLC

Chiropractic First LLC’s Dr. Huma Pierce was featured in MESO’s Microentrepreneurs on January 2017.

MESOUpRight Footwear, LLC. was first set into motion at a bio-physics seminar in 2010. Out of her own need for modified footwear, Dr. Pierce learned about the critical nature of balanced posture, and it’s effects on health and the gap in footwear to address anatomic leg length inequality (LLI).

UpRight Footwear, LLC

Dr. Pierce set out on a personal mission to solve the footwear problem for people with leg length inequality/discrepancy. Dr. Pierce decided to view this problem in a user friendly way versus a cold clinical medical way. Simply put she was tired of ugly orthopedic lifts and shoes. She wanted something light, airy, environmentally friendly, non slip, multiple colors and waterproof of course! UpRight Footwear strives to reuse and recycle, and to fit seamlessly into every shoe.

Dr. Pierce shared with MESO some of her challenges. In her own word, “One of the most difficult hurdles when introducing a new product that is unique, is not just proving the marketplace but also securing the right licensee (in her case) for an initial run. The expense, possible rejection and excessive time can be such an hindrance.”

MESO was instrumental in helping gain a $50,000 SBA financing and a comprehensive market research to take the next steps in growing her market. Her advice to new entrepreneurs: “have complete conviction in your product and service, show you have experience or expertise in the area you are trying to expand and use MESO resources and collective expertise to secure your marketplace advantage!”

Huma Pierce, DC also received a MIPO Certificate of Achievement, Intellectual Property & Small Business Start Up 2013 – 2014.

Follow along with UpRight Footwear LLC’s progress and innovations in LLI solutions at the UpRight Footwear, LLC official website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and LinkedIn. Connect with Dr. Huma Pierce on LinkedIn.