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Auto Injury

Let our experienced team of Chiropractors help you navigate the personal injury claim process effortlessly and get you back to a pre-injury state of health. We have helped thousands of individuals with their auto injury cases. We know what you should watch out for regarding your auto insurance company and the other person's auto insurance company. We can help you find a personal injury attorney that will protect your needs and your incurred costs. Our goal is to get you back to feeling and healing as well as you did before the motor vehicle collision happened. In Oregon, you are entitled to $15,000 or more in personal injury benefits protection as required by ORS 742.520.

Health Insurance vs. Cash

Our team of experienced Chiropractors are preferred participating providers for several different Oregon health insurance plans. We feature in-house health insurance billing. We will call to verify you health insurance benefits for Chiropractic, massage and physiotherapy before you first visit with our Chiropactors to ensure that you will know exactly how much you will need to contribute to your health expenses and to help you to budget for maximal benefits each calendar year taking into account deductibles, health savings accounts, and tax incentives. We are happy to pass along our savings to our Chiropractic patients when they pay at the time of service for their care.


We take pride in serving our veterans with Chiropractic care, and have received nothing but the highest praises back from our vets who have received care from us. Our Results Page has several outstanding testimonials from our vets. The VA has a program of referring veterans to Chiropractors in the Portland metro for service-related-ailments, including spinal pain, headaches, flat feet, extremity pain, post combat anxiety, etc. We have helped dozens of vets to manage their pain, alleviate their pain, improve their posture, improve their outlook on life, and normalize daily activities. We will do everything possible to help our veterans to return to a normal civilian lifestyle.

Next Steps...

Call 503-626-5761 to answer any questions that you may have about your Chiropractic care, our Chiropractors, our health care services, your auto insurance, your health insurance benefits, available payment at the time of service discounts, or how to receive a referral from the VA Medical Center in Portland.

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