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Experienced Chiropractors

The doctors at Chiropractic First, LLC have been serving families in the Beaverton and Portland metro areas since 2001. You are in great hands at Chiropractic First, LLC. It would be our honor for you to call us your Chiropractors.

Motor Vehicle Injury Care

Accidents happen. That is why we have auto insurance including uninsured motorist coverage in Oregon which covers Chiropractic Care. Personal Injury Protection PIP covers you in most cases for up to 1 year and $15,000 in Chiropractic and medical care.

Supportive and Wellness Care

After you have had an injury such as a slip and fell or a car accident, and after you have corrected your health challenges, we offer an affordable means to support and maintain good health. We will help you to work toward spinal and full body fitness.

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Gentle and effective pain relief

Chiropractic care includes gentle pain relieving adjustments, massage, & physiotherapy exercises designed to rebuild any strength that you’ve lost from the lack of activity due to the healing process following an auto accident.

Feeling better begins with a phone call

Reserve your Chiropractic appointment now by calling 503-626-5761. Our friendly staff will answer your Chiropractic and insurance billing questions, & schedule you to see the Chiropractor as soon as possible.

The path to optimal wellness…

Attaining optimal health and wellness is a process, not a destination. Let our experienced Chiropractors guide you along the way. Call 503.626.5761