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Chiropractic Testimonials

Read what our patients have to say about the care they've received & the results they've achieved.

"My low back pain is gone."

"Chiropractic First has friendly staff, good service and great treatments. Everybody is doing an excellent job and I’m so happy with all of you. God bless you.”

“While going to Chiropractic First, I have found all of the staff available for questions and concerns."

"Why did we ever leave to save a few dollars to see another Chiropractor who was on my HMO? I am so glad to have my family back at Chiropractic First, I promise that my days of letting anyone else but you adjust me and my family are over, you are the best, you have a gift, you know that right?"

"Thanks to Chiropractic First I have a more natural curve in my neck now. I feel like I’m standing more erect and breathing better. I enjoy the friendly and lively atmosphere."

"Chiropractic First in Beaverton is FANTASTIC! I found them on a Groupon and now both my daughter and I go there regularly. They are very friendly, clean, knowledgeable and basically give a rip about us on a personal level. Beside being generally awesome at bone cracking, allergy relief and stress management they are ALWAYS lending a helping hand, being upstanding citizens, running for UNPAID office seats (Beaverton School Board) (because they care about education) and being parents. I am very high maintenance when it comes to a chiropractor or spending my hard earned money on a chiropractor and I will continue with them because I feel better, my daughter feels better and they are cool."

"I've been a patient of Huma and Chris for more than 4 years. I went there for the first time with severe TMJ problems and in a few weeks I regained my health back. I still go for adjustments as needed to keep me pain free and healthy. I highly recommend them!"

"My right knee pain has disappeared since beginning Chiropractic care. It is a positive, friendly and always encouraging atmosphere here."

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff who cares about each patient personally. Best I have felt in years!"

"Earlier this year I was having scary symptoms & went to see my doctor. He requested an MRI scan, which insurance denied. A couple of months later I woke up one morning and could not move my head to either side... not without excruciating pain. Chiropractic First got me in that day for an exam. Dr. Huma consulted with me, took x-rays of the cervical part of my spine (neck area) and found that the pressure of my head from looking down too much was causing dehydration of the disks causing them to collapse! There's no surgical procedure I'm aware of that can fix this. Dr. Huma and Christopher Pierce's corrective therapy HAS helped. I'm getting better, feeling better and getting more & more range of motion. I look forward to my appointments... all I can say is THANK YOU!!!"

"I am very happy to have found Chiropractic First. Dr. Pierce x 2, is just way to much fun. I try to go once a week, or I begin to feel it. If you have never had your feet adjusted you should, I RAVE about this to everyone. Dr. Chris, is super sweet like a big teddy bear, that has magic hands. Dr. Huma is always so much fun to speak to, there is never a dull moment. And, I could not be more happy to be receiving my care here."

"I get adjusted at Chiropractic First to improve my quality of life. - Quincy H., PGA Professional

“I love coming to Chiropractic First. My body feels so much looser. I feel taller. My allergies are better and I’m breathing more fully. I am a Yogi and am so appreciative to realize I may be able to evolve more deeply as well. You have helped with my insurance. You have great parking, flexible hours and it is easy to change times.”

"I have found my care outstanding. The process is very easy to adapt to and there is plenty of feedback given to my concerns. Great office staff."

“I’ve only been coming to this office for a week now but the initial exam and x-rays was very, very extensive and thorough. Also the doctors seem very knowledgeable and caring. They have good parking, you are in and out quickly, and the staff is very friendly.”

“Chiropractic First has friendly staff and is professional with clients. They are flexible, it is a good location and they are very approachable.”?

“Everyone at Chiropractic First is fabulous and I have no complaints. It is clean, organized, friendly and a relaxed atmosphere.”

"Very nice experience!!! Dr.Pierce and Huma are very knowledgeable in their field. They both have helped me so much! They care about you!! Great place."

"Chiropractic First is our home away from home."

"I'm a Chiropractor and I get adjusted at Chiropractic First."

“Chiropractic First is a wonderful place to be on any given day.”

“One finds all personnel at Chiropractic First extremely helpful, knowledgeable and available.”?

"Thanks Dr. Chris, you saved my vacation...I haven't felt this good for many years."

"Great team! I wish I would have gone in to see them sooner!! I had been suffering from tail bone and lower back pain for 6 months due probably to the long driving necessary for my job and poor quality of my car seat. Within a few visits Dr. Huma and Dr. Pierce had me feeling so much better. I personally like that they do the diagnostics (x-ray) before adjustments. Then they put together a treatment plan of adjustments, exercises and stretches.... and in my case helped me get my carseat in a better position and added a lumbar support so I am sitting in the proper position while I drive. Just a few weeks ago I was in out-of-my-mind pain almost ALL of the time. Thank you Dr. Huma and Dr. Pierce for 'fixing' me, keeping my spine healthy and teaching me about better posture. In my opinion you deserve 100 stars at least!"

"My 17 year old daughter was suffering from chronic migraines. She had been seeing a neurologist since she was 14. The migraines worsened at age 16 and my once vibrant, athletic, high achieving girl was pretty much bedridden for 4 months. We had been to two neurologists, had MRI, CAT scan, countless medications, acupuncture, massage, Naturopath, diet changes, sleep study and still --- no results. We went to a different chiropractor with no results .......... and then we heard about Dr. Pierce who I now will refer to as a miracle worker. He literally has changed my daughter's life and the gratitude I feel are beyond words. It didn't happen overnight but little by little she got there and is now virtually headache free. I even got my husband to go to him (the world's biggest skeptic) to help with his hip pain and toe numbness. He had been suffering for several weeks and within a few visits, he noticed his pain was less and less. He now too is pain free. Now it is my turn -- to help with my shoulder pain from years of walking my dogs and getting yanked. Today I had my first appt. and Dr. Chris was able to increase my range of motion considerably so I have no doubt I am on my way to getting relief along with the rest of the family. Thank you Dr. Chris Pierce & Dr. Huma Pierce. I am forever grateful and I will be recommending you to all my friends and family with my highest praises. You are amazing!"

“Chiropractic First treats you like family, has very professional service and is comfortable feeling.”

"It is nice to go to a doctor’s office when you really are treated by friendly caring people and not treated like a number.”

“Highly recommended, you feel like family, all concerns are addressed and handled ASAP. Excellent care and a great location”

"In 2 weeks of Chiropractic care my sciatica is gone & I can work without low back pain.

A young man Ben showed up to our clinic in severe low back pain due to an injury at work. He couldn't stand up straight due to the pain. He could barely walk with his makeshift cardboard cane. Over the course of his 1st treatment session, he was able to stand straight again, walk without his cane & was greatly relieved of his severe low back pain & was able to return to work.

Watch, listen & be inspired by Ben's Chiropractic story...

“I highly recommend Chiropractic First for scoliosis correction."

"Dr. Huma Pierce at the Chiropractic First. and her staff go above and beyond. She takes the time to help you discover what the long-term cause of your pain is, instead of simply treating the symptoms. They were able to help our mom to recover from her back pain with dedicated and complete service. The staff is incredibly kind and genuinely caring, making sure to answer any questions. Thank you Dr . Huma Pierce."

"Dr. Huma Pierce takes chiropractic care above and beyond. She combines her vast knowledge of the latest in chiropractic care with her down to earth practical approach to give her clients the absolute best all around care."

"I have known Dr. Huma Pierce for 10 years. She is passionate about her work and clients, community and making a difference. Her spirit and energy are contagious. She is a do-er and always seeking to learn and grow."

"I have been a patient of Chiropractic First for over three months. I initially sought treatment due to severe pain in my neck. I had tried visiting general practitioners and an orthopedic surgeon for my neck pain. Nobody had been able to help me at all; not even physical therapy had worked. My doctor at Chiropractic First told me X-rays would be taken at the beginning of my treatment, then at the 3 month mark, and also at other future times. I recently viewed my 3 month X-rays and was able to compare them to my initial X-rays taken when I began treatment. The change was astounding! The curvature in my neck has actually changed and is heading towards becoming a more ideal curvature. The results I have seen convinced me that my treatment plan is very effective!! I am the kind of person who needs to see actual results in order to feel good about a treatment plan, and I am completely convinced of the value of this treatment. I made a commitment to a series of regular visits each week. I know I would not have seen such clear results had I only dropped in occasionally. The time I invest in this treatment is clearly well worth it! I am delighted at the results. In addition to the X-ray results, my pain has decreased significantly! The staff and doctors at the clinic are so very considerate and personable. They treat their patients as friends, and they tailor treatment in a way that ensures maximum comfort for their patients. There is a family-like atmosphere in the clinic which gives it a really good vibe. I am so very thankful that I found this clinic. This is the first time in my life that I have felt a significant and consistent decrease in neck pain. I recommend Chiropractic First very highly!!"

“They are reasonably priced.”

"I was referred by a friend to seek care at Chiropractic First. I am 100% satisfied with the choice I made. I scheduled a visit and was blown away by their service; I was immediately greeted by the reception staff, checked in, and given a tour of the practice. The check-in system is electronic (very quick and efficient) and allows you to document your symptoms, pain, etc., based on the problem area(s) of your body. I absolutely love Dr. Huma, my first consultation experience with her was great and continues to be. She is kind, humorous, knowledgeable, and extremely passionate about what she does and who she cares for. Dr. Chris is also amazing, he knows exactly what he is doing. Both are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable not only in their area of expertise but health in general; they are able to thoroughly answer any questions I have for them. They are genuinely caring and able to provide care specific to the individuals needs. One thing I especially like about this practice that my previous one did not offer is the in house equipment for different strengthening exercises, etc. that they gradually have you complete during each visit. Their care is much more comprehensive, effective and thorough. I am so thankful for them and the corrective therapy they do! Just to prove how great they are, I began an intensive approach for care visiting 3 times a week for four weeks, driving 45 minutes one way from SE Portland/Gresham area! =)"

A Message from the Chiropractors and legal disclaimer: This is not a guarantee of results, because people, their results & their compliance vary. These are however abbreviated actual quotes, pictures, & videos from our patients at Chiropractic First, LLC through the many years that we have been serving Beaverton & SW Portland. Our reputation can't continually improve if you don't achieve your desired health & lifestyle results, so we will do our best to help you to achieve optimal health.


"Poor posture is all around us.

It seems like people are always on their smart phones or on their computers.

They are not giving their spines enough time to heal."

- Christopher J. Pierce, DC