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First of all, we thank you Veterans for your courage, commitment and sacrifices so that we fellow Americans can live the American Dream and provide you with what we believe to be the finest Chiropractic care possible. We are here to serve you, and will assist you in whatever way we can to bring health and ease back into your daily lives. It would be our honor for you to call us your Chiropractors.

The most common Portland VA referral for Chiropractic care in our office is for 12 visits to be seen over the course of 90-days. Follow-up 8-12 visit referrals are common for an additional 90-days. Please call if you need help in beginning the VA referral process.

VA Chiropractic Providers

Since Chiropractic care is not often readily available in a timely manner at Portland’s VA facility, Chiropractic care is available through the Veterans Choice Program. There are currently only 4 Veterans Choice Program Chiropractic providers in Beaverton, Oregon and our doctors are 2 of them. Dr. Huma Pierce, DC served as a Canadian naval officer for 6 years. Additional VA Choice providers can be found here.

The VA Process for Chiropractic

Where does the process of seeing a Chiropractor begin for a Veteran?

  • It begins with a visit your doctor at the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA). Other helpful tools: Veterans Choice Program eligibility details (PDF). Online determination of eligibility of VA health care benefits under the Veterans Choice Program (App). Questions? Speak to someone at the VA toll-free here: 866-606-8198.

Which conditions might the VA refer for Chiropractor care?

  • Chiropractic care for common NMS conditions includes: neck and back pain, headaches, extremity and joint pain, disc compression (loss of height), sprains and strains, and returning to pain-free exercise, work, and daily activities.

How does a veteran get a Chiropractic referral?

  • Visit your doctor at the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA). Discuss with your doctor your neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) conditions and treatment options. You can specifically ask to see the Drs. Pierce at Chiropractic First, llc if you receive a Chiropractic referral. Next we’ll receive a call from the VA requesting a time and date for your Chiropractic visit with us. A VA authorization letter is sent to you and us from TriWest Healthcare Alliance (TriWest) outlining your approved procedures and quantity of visits. After your 1st visit with us, and once you are set up in our Electronic Healthcare Record system, we will fax your Chiropractic chart notes over to your Primary Care Provider (PCP) at the Portland VA so as to keep your doctor informed about your progress. VA authorization for Chiropractic care is typically limited to 12 visits over 4-5 months.

What if you need more than 12 visits or more than 4-5 months of Chiropractic care?

  • If the veteran is seeking to continue care after their 12 visits have been utilized, then our Chiropractors will send over a Secondary Authorized Request (SAR) to the Portland VA with the recommended specified dates and frequency of continued care, typically for 8-12 more visits.
  • The SAR process takes about 14 days from the date of the SAR submission to be processed in the Portland VA’s administrative system and be either approved or disapproved.

What paperwork should you expect to fill out at your initial Chiropractic visit? (Total: 6 pages, about 15 minutes)

  • Patient demographics and contact information (1 page)
  • Reason for visit, chief complaints, and current symptoms, medical, social, and family history, employer information, any additional insurance information (1 page)
  • Health Status Questionnaire (1 page)
  • Oswestry Back Questionnaire (1 page)
  • Neck Disability Index Questionnaire (2 pages)

Where is Chiropractic First, LLC located in relationship to the VA in Portland?

  • 20 mins. due west of the VA.

Important information from the Portland VA Choice Program and TriWest:

  • For care to be covered in the Veteran Choice Card program, you must provide information on your coverage by Other Health Insurance (OHI) plans (not including Medicare or TRICARE).
  • Bring your VA Authorization Letter (with VA Authorization Number, Valid Dates, Valid Procedures, Coder Ranges, QTY, Type & initial appointment date), your Choice Card, a current list of medications, OHI information, a photo ID, and any documentation that may have been provided by VA to your Chiropractic appointment.
  • Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early before your scheduled appointment time.
  • For treatment of a non-service connected condition, VA is secondary payer to OHI including Worker Compensation or injuries related to other accidents.
  • Your VA authorization will include a list of very specific services by which TriWest will authorize payment for to our providers. Additional care must be approved in advance by VA or TriWest.
  • If care is not related to a service connected condition, you may have out-of-pocket costs as described in your OHI, and you may have VA co-pays. If VA co-pays apply, the VA will bill you directly.
  • If you need to re-schedule or decline an appointment, you must call TriWest at 1-888-606-8198. Then please call Chiropractic First, llc to reschedule.
  • Clinic hours by appointment only. Phone: 503-626-5761

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